Brief Instructions for the Preparation and Format of ACCepted Paper for ITC 19

Paper title
Author1 name and Author2 name
Authors Affiliation(s)
Detailed Addresses
E-mail Addresses

Paper title

The paper title should appear at 55mm from top margin of the first page.


The abstract should appear at the top of the text, about 12mm below the title and author information. The abstract should contain about 100-150 words.


Leave 12mm between the keywords and the beginning of the main text.

General paper format

Your text file of the paper should choose A4 paper size. We encourage you to use 12 point Times-New-Roman and line spacing at least 12pt to achieve the best rendering in the proceedings. And the font of the paper title should be 14pt . Please make sure that your word file or camera-ready paper file is printable and the printout looks fine before submitting. The major heading of a paper should appear in all capital letters, 12pt Times-New-Roman and bold face, with one blank line before and after. And the subheadings of a paper should appear in 12pt Times-New-Roman and bold face, but only with initial letter for each substantive word capitalized and half blank line before the subheadings. Your text will be photographically reduced by 20-25%. So your text should be produced within the dimensions: total width of 16cm and a maximum length of 21cm on the first page and 23cm on the second and following pages.

Tables and illustrations

All halftone tables and illustrations must be clear black and white prints. They should be arranged throughout the text and preferably be included on the same page as they are first discussed. They should have a self-contained caption and be positioned in flush-left alignment with the text margin.

Page numbering

Please do not paginate your paper. Page numbers, session numbers, and conference identification will be inserted when the paper is included in the proceedings.