International Teletraffic Congress

Teletraffic is the discipline dealing with all phenomena of control and transport of information within telecommunications networks. The flow of user/control information, as a result of a large number of users, typically experiences a stochastic nature.

Teletraffic Science is a well-established field. It is based on the theory and on methods of probability and stochastic processes on one hand, and on methods for control such as scheduling, synchronization of concurrent processes and queuing, on the other hand. Teletraffic Science is therefore strongly related to subjects as performance modeling, queuing theory, operations research, computer science and telecommunications.

Teletraffic Engineering is based on the knowledge of the organization and technology of modern, computer controlled telecommunication systems such as switching systems, computer networks, broadband and mobile communications systems, for the integration of a broad spectrum of telecommunication services such as voice, audio, graphics, video, individually or in combination (multimedia), and all kinds of computer and data base applications. Teletraffic Engineering comprises methods and tools for modeling of telecommunication systems and services, performance evaluation, resource dimensioning, cost optimization, forecasting, planning and network management.

The International Teletraffic Congress (ITC) has a long tradition. It was founded in 1955; since then, 18 ITC World Congresses, 16 ITC Specialist Seminars and 18 Regional Seminars have been held. ITC covers topics from networking technologies (telecommunication networks, mobile communication networks, internet), architectures and protocols, teletraffic measurements and traffic modeling, queuing theory and performance evaluation, traffic engineering, network planning and network management. ITC has strong links with ITU, both with the ITU-T (Telecommunication Standardization) and ITU-D (Development Sector, BDT), and supports training in Telecommunication and Teletraffic Engineering. ITC is guided by the International Advisory Council (IAC), which is supported by associated members and experts from research, development and network operations and standards organizations (ITU-TS, ETSI, and IETF).

The IAC is proud that ITC19 will be hosted by China . On behalf of the IAC, I would like to invite experts and research students from all mentioned fields to contribute to ITC19 in order to make it a great event.